Practical trousers with a minimalist character, ideal for all those people who appreciate feeling comfortable at all times and who like to move without limitations.

A confection with

A confection
with history

I have spent more than half of my life practicing physical movement and body awareness through martial arts. I have dedicated the last 15 years to polishing a pants design that accompanies me without limiting my movement.

These pants follow your authentic movement without limits. Allow your natural breathing. Its ergonomic waist creates an exceptional lumbar and abdominal hug, as it adapts unrivaled to the different needs of each body.

Both models are made up of a strict combination of ecological fabrics. These combinations provide exceptional resistance, even greater than that of denim, while being lighter and more flexible.

A confection with

Promotional price for
a limited time

Currently, the value of any of the models has a promotional price and they are manufactured to order. Because manufacturing is small and local, production and shipping times may be longer, but thanks to this meticulous process, the tailoring and quality of each order can be ensured. In addition, the collections are limited, so the greatest dedication can be offered from the moment of the order to its delivery.

Model Mynekung

Model Tarzan movement

If you are really interested in getting one of our pants, follow the instructions in the PDF to take measurements according to the model, and fill out the form.

Modelo Mynekung


Modelo Tarzan Movement

Tarzan movement

Available colors

Atlantic blue


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